I admit, this is gonna be an awesome weekend!

To your left, you will see my Adafruit Pi Box, my second Pi is wearing it already.

In the middle, you will see a brand spanking new solid state drive (box), it’s already installed and waiting for Gentoo to drop.

To your right, my replacement AVR ISP markII programmer, the original died after somebody accidentally stepped on it (** cough **), I use it to program ATMEGAs (I may later on publish a Gentoo + AVR How-To, if anybody is interested that is).

Finally let’s not forget the dasKeyboard Model S Ultimate hosting the party, it’s just what I was looking for in a keyboard; It’s loud, clicky and squeaky.

I’ll write up some reviews on these items after I play with them for a week or so, stay tuned!

But wait! That’s not all!

I did get one more thing, but it’s Marshmallow Game Engine specific.


It’s a Wii Classic Controller USB Adapter, so far it works great with marshmallow_h, the Wii Classic Controller Pro is an awesome controller, this just makes it that more worth getting one (or two, since it can handle two controllers at the same time, Double Dragon anyone?).

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