Raspberry Pi enclosures for fun and profit


After speaking with other Adafruit fans I decided to purchase an Adafruit Pi Box. But since I don’t like waiting for stuff to arrive, I decided to build my own enclosure out of Legos.

Lego Pi

It works as expected though like most of my Lego creations, there’s a little jiggle room. I might fix that with some silicone dots.

In Use

Raspberry Pi Lego Enclosure

Here, I was testing out the enclosure by plugging stuff to it’s multiple ports, watching for any stress on the board.

Side A

Composite/Audio Jack side

Here you can see the composite and audio jacks on the left, GPIO vents on the right.

Side B

HDMI side

Here you can see the HDMI port.

Side C

SD/OTG side

Now the SD Card slot and the OTG.

Side D

Ethernet/USB side

Finally the RJ45 ethernet port and the two USB ports.


Top removed

Easy access to the GPIO pins, jumper wires can go out through the little vents on the side, there is no need to leave the top off (unless I decide to use ribbon cable for some reason).



  • It’s solid and flexible.
  • It was cheap, very cheap.
  • It’s reusable.


  • I can’t leave it on the floor, since I’m sure to step on it on my way to the bathroom at night.


The question is, should I build one for my Arduino?

7 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi enclosures for fun and profit”

    1. Mirkonator! :) Yeah… it was dark outside, and this room has only soft lights (like for pictures on the wall). But it does make it look romantic no?

  1. With all those pros I see no need to be buying enclosure that the stors sell. About the con… you can step on everything, not just legos:) Maybe they sell glow in the dark legos and that would solve your problem. And yeah, you sould definetly build one for Arduino (you know I don’t know what that is, but it feels right;)). Oh, you could build a house or something on top of your enclosure. Maybe an Enterprise. Legos rock!

  2. As always, your words are full of wisdom little one, I started building a Lego enclosure for the PandaBoard and for the Arduino.

    I think they made some glow in the dark ones back in the 90’s, for Halloween. I wonder if one can buy them now a days…. I will look into it and report. :3

    1. Hey, I saw Arduino and Raspberry Pi firsthand last week! Now I know what you are talking about :) Talk about coinscidence… Oh, and we made a nice enclosure for Raspberry Pi with a 3D printer. http://ur1.ca/aaroa And yes, please do report back.

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