Custom NES Controller


I recently found myself with a surplus of Adafruit Industries components, I decided to put a few of them to good use by making a custom NES controller.



The design is fairly simple, the only difference between it and a standard controller would be the use of the Center pin on the navigation switch as the Select button.

NES Controller Diagram


I had to resort to using quite a lot of jumper wires since the board is pretty small, it should also work fine on a double sided board (just not very efficiently).

NES Controller PCB Replace the bottom layer (blue lines) with jumper wire.


The controller works great! Though it could use some routing to make it more comfortable.

Front Back – Start Button

Back Front

In Action Use

5 thoughts on “Custom NES Controller”

  1. I’m trying to build something almost alike. Arduino->4021->NES. I’m just look at NES video’s and time every buttonpress and then program it. It’s a lot of work considering the recorded footage can lose miliseconds after a while and there’s a difference between PAL and NTSC. His way, record buttonpresses and finetune them later, sounds a lot better. Great stuff.

  2. Any way you could give me a higher resolution pic of the schematic, i can’t read which pins are start and select and what not. thank you in advance, Mike

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