I’m a self-taught software engineer with 11+ years of professional experience. I’ve worked on a wide array of projects across many industries including food service, assembly, transportation, television, oil and automotive. Qt programming, low-level programming and embedded systems are among my specialties.

I’m very active in the open-source software and hardware communities; I’m best known for producing and starring in numerous podcasts, co-hosting Floss Weekly on the TWiT Network, my involvement with The KDE and PC-BSD projects and more recently, for creating the Marshmallow Entertainment System, a DIY game console kit based around the Raspberry Pi.

My hobbies include electronic engineering, kernel hacking and game development. I also enjoy listening to operas and taking long walks on the beach.

Feel free to contact me via email.

Current Projects


  • C & C++ development
  • Cross-compiler and cross-platform development
  • Device drivers
  • Embedded C development
  • Embedded Linux
  • Kernel development
  • POSIX development
  • Software debugging