Since I wasn’t satisfied with how I laid out it’s big bother, I decided to redo the board, the Xeno-GC Clone Mini is the end result. It’s about the size of a quarter dollar and twice as sexy. Check out the images above and see for yourself.

Make your own!

The mini model, like it’s big brother, uses 0805 SMD components. No rework station or solder paste required; Just a standard soldering iron and some whiskey (Ok, the whiskey is optional).


  • 2x 100nF 0805 ceramic capacitors.
  • 2x 1kΩ 0805 resistors.
  • 2x 330Ω 0805 resistors.
  • 1x 100Ω 0805 resistor.
  • 1x Red 0805 LED.
  • 1x Green 0805 LED.
  • 1x Atmel AVR ATmega8L 32-pin TQFP.


Xeno-GC Clone Mini Schematic


You can order your boards directly from OSH Park. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Now go get your homebrew on!