Guillermo A. Amaral B.

Software Engineer

Software engineer with 8+ years of professional experience. Worked on a wide array of open-source and proprietary projects, from small scale web based applications to large scale high-availability airline booking systems. Passionate about software engineering, agile development and dealing with people.

Highly familiar with how many UNIX system internals work and interact with each other. Installed and maintained load-balanced LAMP deployments, MySQL clusters (via replication), high-traffic e-mail hosts and custom web kiosks complete with NFC and credit card processing.

Active in the open-source community as both a developer and and advocate, best known for producing and hosting numerous podcasts and involvement with The KDE and PC-BSD projects; more recently for creating a DIY game console kit using the Raspberry Pi called “Marshmallow Entertainment System”.

“Improving my skills, solving nitty-gritty low level problems, software debugging, kernel hacking, game development, the opera and long walks on the beach are all things I enjoy.”

Current Projects


  • C & C++ development
  • Cross-compiler and cross-platform development
  • Linux development
  • BSD development
  • Software debugging
  • Various scripting languages (JS, PHP, Perl, Python)
  • Fair amount of experience with networking, kernel development, device drivers, etc.
  • Gentoo Linux

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Incredibly handsome engineer, gamedev and trekkie.