Marshmallow Game Engine

“The only game engine that tastes better slightly burned!”

marshmallow_h is an open-source game engine focused on 8-bit and 16-bit era 2D video games. This engine acts as the backbone and toolkit for the Marshmallow Entertainment System.


All code is released under the BSD license and is freely available for commercial and non-commercial use, just buy me a beer sometime and we’ll call it even.

Target platforms

Linux and Embedded Linux are the target platforms for this project, that basically means that they gets all the cool new features before the other ports. That said, I try to keep all the other ports up-to-date time and knowledge permitting.

Secondary platforms

BSD, Mac OS, Windows, BlackBerry OS, Android and iOS.

Marshmallow Entertainment System – MES Console

A Raspberry Pi based console, code name Raspberry Mess, is currently under development. Please check out the YouTube channel if you’re interested in seeing it in action.

More information and sdcard images can be found here:


Marshmallow Game Engine was founded in 2011 by Guillermo Antonio Amaral Bastidas <>, currently also acting as the maintainer/head-honcho.

I’m currently looking for people interested in helping me maintain the various subsystem and to keep the different ports up-to-date, if you feel up to it, please contact me via email or GitHub.


Clone the project on GitHub!


Marshmallow Game Engine on YouTube


If you have some left over PayPal balance, donate it to Marshmallow! All proceeds go to the acquisition hardware, promo material and beer.

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